Choose from over 20 different visual tools.

Use all of the tools featured in the book Design A Better business, including the well-known Business Model Canvas, Experiment Canvas, as well as new tools you’ll love!


Edit your canvas in full-screen.

The app is designed to be intuitive and allows you to work quickly, anywhere you go. Place post-its directly on the canvas and move them to where they should be.


Edit your canvas and add postits.

Easily add new canvases, work with post-its, and make edits. Use different colors to color-code your work. Emoji’s are supported for an extra visual touch!


Directly use the result in a slide deck.

You can save your results with a tap and immediately use your canvases in for instance Keynote. Creating beautiful slides for your canvases has never been this easy!


Design A Better Business Toolbox

Download the app and start your innovation journey today!